Art, philosophy, and anatomy render the negotiation between aesthetics and functionality. Our teachings and choreography are saturated with experiential anatomy, images and conceptual ideas in order encourage complex and versatile performers, that understand their body's structure vs. function, their internal/external spatial intention, and above all, how expression is a result of an action. Hence, human experience emerges and transcends itself through the inter-personal exchange.

We offer a blend of physical, intellectual, and artistic activities through interactive experiences that are designed to introduce and expose new audiences to the art of dance, while enhancing bodily awareness, self-expression, and communication.

In addition post-performance discussions, communal events (Diablogue) and residencies at companies and universities we offer innovative movement classes and workshops.

** All of our activities can be tailored to professional dancers as well as non-dancers.

Contemporary Dance Class – AnatoMe

Learning the SPINE, redefining and building awareness of its possibilities has a tremendous impact on one’s being. The SPINE has a magnificent physical structure that allows for it’s functioning; Weight bearing, mobility, and protection of the spinal cord. It supports the Head – the intellect; the Heart – emotion; and it rests in the Pelvis – the physical/sexual ground. It channels information to and from the brain via our central nervous system. Although not visible from the outside, it is what gives us our overall physical appearance. Like an Axis Mundi of the body, all biological and behavioral human characteristics are embedded and embodied in the SPINE.

We warm up using technical exercises by investigating the possibilities of the spine to build strength and awareness. Using the individual’s newfound qualities and awareness, we build movement phrases that culminate in challenging and exuberant dancing.

Contemporary Class - Underlying Technique

Perception of movement depends on our previous movement experiences. Hence, the meaning of Infant Reflexes that are paving the road for our motor abilities is great. These primal experiences create an anticipation that precedes the sensorial reception – which precedes any movement. Going back to developmental movement and experiential anatomy, this class connects the students to the experience of their mindful body and the natural forces surrounding it. Informed various somatic techniques and inspired by imagination, the warm up is based in structured improvisation and is growing into exuberant combinations of an alerted self in space – of articulated spines, spirals, floor work and relationships.

Contact Improvisation / Partnering

This class uses Contact Improvisation as a tool for exploring and understanding partnering work.

Choreography & Composition

This material offered in this class is threefold:
• Understanding space (corporeal, external) and time
• Unfolding theme of choice and translating it into movement-generating process
• Revealing physical qualities for a desired expression
Through these three chapters, the students will be introduced to and experience concepts of space & time, use of props, musical choices, communication with performers and designers, tools to investigate themes, critical analysis of other's choreographies.

The lived body / Performative skills

This class is offered both to students on a performance track as well as a choreography track. The aim of this class is to provide tools to the dancer/creator to excavate different performance qualities that can be used as an integral part of the creative process, as new means of 'cleaning' choreography, as well as a dramaturgic lens that provide a precise meaning to the performance.


In this class we will learn excerpts from Ella & Edo's pieces. We will experiment with different approaches and interpretations in order to have a deeper understanding of the unique movement language.

Body Conditioning

This class is based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, is designed to help the dancer/performer maintain balance between strength and flexibility. This class offers the participant tools to negotiate healthful functioning during different periods of training and performance. Each student will learn to identify his body's postural alignment, and provide it with a necessary treatment for high-functioning, maintenance, reset, and healing approaches.

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