The people we work with are the core of each creative journey. A distilled listening and a sensitive gaze allow for human content to take central role in the availability of the work to the audience. It is necessary to spark contextual understanding of the moving body in contemporary times, therefore we think and share within a collaborative-web, for we believe that a creative environment is a fertile ground for exchange and an organic development of a sustainable community.

Ella Ben-Aharon

After dancing with the "Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2," Ella moved to the USA and lived there for 11 years. She holds a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts, and an MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, FL. In addition, Ella is a Pilates Master Teacher with Pilates Sports Center (LA)... More Information

Edo Ceder

Edo started to dance in his late 20's as a result of intense Yoga training in India, and ever since then he has been performing, teaching, creating, and producing dance. He trained with the Israeli Vertigo dance company, Yasmeen Godder, and Frey Faust, to name a few. For a couple of years he danced with the duo Maya Stern and Tomer Sharabi... More Information

Shira Ben Uriel

Shira Ben Uriel, 21, was born and raised in Haifa. A dance major at the "Wizo" high school of the arts. Shira is a recipient of the... More Information

Tamar Gutherz
Tamar Gutherz

Tamar Gutherz - grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia. She began dancing at age 5. She studied classical ballet and modern dance with Keith... More Information

Mor Bergman
Mor Bergman

Mor Bergman - was born in 1991, in Israel. At the age of 12 she started taking ballet and modern dance education. After a year of studying... More Information

Harel Grazutis
Harel Grazutis

Harel Grazutis - was born in 1986, in Givat Shmuel, Israel. He started dancing at the age of 21, and upon completing his military service... More Information

Dovydas Letkauskas
Dovydas Letkauskas

Dovydas Letkauskas – was born in 1988, in Lithuania. He studied Musical Theater at Vilnius College, Lithuania, as well as the 'Contemporary... More Information

Ron Matalon
Ron Matalon

Ron Matalon - was born on September 1993 in Be'er Tuvia, Israel. He started dancing in the age of 13 in Orna Geles's studio, and... More Information


  • Eyar Blumberg, Dancer
  • Anat Greenberg, Dancer
  • Dafna Dudovich, Dancer
  • Nitzan Moshe, Dancer
  • Yankale Filtzer, Dancer
  • Tal Avni, Dancer / Musician
  • Stefan Ferry, Dancer
  • Dr. Asaf Bachrach, Neuroscientist
  • Adi Shniderman, Video-Artist / Photographer
  • Matthias Neumann, Architect
  • Nobuya Yamaguchi, Designer
  • Didi Erez, Musician
  • Odeya Nini, Musician
  • Yoed Nir, Musician
  • Brian Stearns, Musician
  • Alon Sigavi, Photographer
  • Alban Esprit
  • Rosalind Noctor, Costume Designer
  • Uri Rubinstein, Light Designer
  • Benoit Beauchamp, Light Designer
  • Joe Novak, Light Designer
  • Amir Castro, Light Designer
  • Netta Koren, Light Designer
  • Dana Mor, Psychologist
  • Gidi Levin, Psychologist
  • Studio Naim, our dancing home
ALL-MOST is a piece for 5 dancers that exist in the space 'between almost and touching”. The essence and creative process of the piece is a result of an innovative collaboration between choreographer Ella BenAharon & neuroscientist Dr. Asaf Bachrach.
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